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Nexgen Nails Designs 20 Ravishing NexGen Nails To Upscale Your Style – NailDesignCode
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    Unlike fake nails or even gel, this new technology is much safer not to mention that the process to do the job is kind of fast as well simply because it only contains of four parts. It is not a normal polish nail when it comes to the color choice, but it is a powder actually just like acrylic nails, if most of you has had these nails. It almost is the same with acrylic nails powder, according to the coverage of the powder in the whole nail and the tip. The process is simple, one hand is one working while others are waiting, buff in your nail a bit, and then, they make your real nails paper-thin. The price is affordable as well, guys! I am not going to say that this is your choice, but there are so many benefits NexGen nail offers to you.

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