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Nexgen Nails Designs Nexgen Nail Polish. (Dark Purple) The Red Nail Polish Is Gel.   Yelp
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    When you are thinking about bringing something different to the nail of yours, Nexgen nails could be a decent choice. Lots of people are talking about this trend and want to get their hand on this thing as soon as possible. What do you know about this thing anyway? For those who never heard Nexgen nails before, staying with me here and read the rest of this post could be really helpful. Finding a nail salon where you could get NexGen job for the nails is kind of hard simply because not so many salons do this thing right now. Compared to Shellac as well as gel, the NexGen will not crack, while unlike the fake nails you use to know, the NexGen will not grow out either or even break off. You will not be able to find what we would love to call as annoyingly too long and yes, the NexGen is safe for the nails, my friends! Read original post...
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